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Solar Photovoltaic converts sunlight to 240 volts of AC electricity, which later is converted in 120vac . Any power generated in excess of what we use is deliver to the electric company for distribution to others. If we generate more than what we consume, the meter runs backwards and we will receive a credit. The process is called "Net Metering" . And, since the systems has no moving parts and no batteries "Grid Tie" is a once or twice a year check of the mounting brackets and electrical connection, estimated life of the system is more than 25 years, investment payback period is base upon usage and system size at the current rates, which can be between 2-8 years.

Solar PV Array

Solar PV Farm

Solar PV

Solar hot water systems are also called solar thermal systems, solar hot water heater or SWH, they consist of solar hot water collectors in evacuated tube form, or in flat panel form, solar water tank, and work station including circulating pump and control unit. 30 % of your electric bill is used for heating your hot water, so imagine the savings on your electric bill with your solar thermal heating system.  

Solar Thermal Hot Water Heater and Tank


Solar Thermal, water heating


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